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Valerie Boey Ramsey is CEO of VBR Ink. She’s a freelance journalist, writer and emcee with years of experience in television news and digital news. Valerie is also a field producer and media consultant. While she’s proud of her Asian American Pacific Islander heritage and knowledge of diversity, it’s her hard work that stands out.


Valerie is a fill-in: correspondent-reporter-digital storyteller. Whether it’s for a daily story or special assignment, she has many sources in Central Florida, the Tampa Bay area, SW Florida and nationwide. Valerie has a talent for turning complex information, into easy-to-understand stories.

Corporate Storyteller

Valerie is a creator of corporate storytelling. Let people learn all about your business through a story with compelling video and interviews. Owners can post the story to their website and social media accounts. The videos are 30 to 1:00 in length to capture people’s attention. Long format storytelling is also available. 


From business to black tie and cultural, Valerie emcees events. She speaks at awards banquets, festivals, Asian American Pacific Islander events and parades. And even if she can’t attend one of your events as an emcee, VBR Ink can help you find another emcee or keynote speaker, through the event coordinating division.

Media Consultant

Valerie provides guidance on handling the media. She can also offer expert advice to professionals, as well as students and fellow journalists. Valerie’s many years in news has helped her develop the expertise in responding to difficult situations.


Valerie is known as the closer, because she often lands interviews that others don’t. And because of that, she has had more exclusive, daily assignment stories than any other journalist in Central Florida. Valerie is an award-winning journalist with more than 30 years’ experience in television news and digital broadcasting, both locally and nationally. Valerie is president of the Asian American Journalists Association Florida Chapter. She has been honored in the Congressional Record for her leadership during AAPI Heritage Month. She was also past president of the former Florida Associated Press Broadcasters. Valerie resides in Orlando with her husband, where she’s very passionate about the community. If you’re interested in a particular service, contact Valerie at the email above and state the service you’re wanting a quote on, in the subject line.

Standup Reel

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